I’m Not Waiting for Superman

This blog is dedicated to helping all those children out there waiting for Superman to come and rescue them from their poor educational outcomes which doom them to poverty. Across our country, students, particularly those of color, are not reading and doing math at grade level, even in the top rated schools. They get to high school where a standardized test determines their fate – pass and you get a diploma, fail and you get a certificate of achievement. Without the diploma, they cannot attend college or technical school or any other advanced educational opportunities. Charter schools and home schooling may offer better alternatives but not in all cases. The question this blog will attempt to address is, “How do we get those who traditionally fail in school to become successful students?”

I will be writing about the challenges our students face and solutions that work for the students, and not for the school system. It’s all about the students. I am a certified and educated special educator, currently working with kindergarteners in an elementary school in Orange County, Florida. I have also taught middle school students with SLD and EBD (educators will know those initials) as well as in an alternative high school that attempted (mostly unsuccessfully) to recover students who had dropped out of or who had aged out of the public system. I have a Master’s in Special Education and am pursuing an Educational Specialists Degree with plans to start a charter/home schooling school.

I am not waiting for Superman to come rescue these students who are being left behind by the educational system. I am not trying to rescue them myself, but I am interested in helping these students to rescue themselves. How and what that looks like is open for debate, but it is obvious that the public system is not capable of rescuing those students, typically brown-skinned, who are not graduating because they cannot read or write. While some charter schools are the answer, many are not. Those who try to duplicate what the public system is doing are doomed to the same fate as the public system when it comes to these students.

If you are interested in these topics, post rational, thoughtful, and educated comments. Those comments that do not fit that description will be deleted as this is to be a place where educators and parents can rationally discuss education and learn of the alternatives they may have to educate their children. Let’s have at it.